[PROPOSAL] [IMPORTANT] Strategic Transition from TEMP to NOS

ACTION REQUIRED: Transitioning from TEMP to NOS Post-Raft Exploit and Refocusing on Nostra


This proposal aims to guide the TEMP community through a significant strategic transition following the recent events surrounding the Raft project. This includes a shift in focus towards Nostra, adjustments in token allocation, and the discontinuation of TEMP in favor of NOS tokens.


Raft, a key project under Tempus, unfortunately suffered a security breach, resulting in substantial financial losses. Despite robust security measures, including two comprehensive audits, the exploit led to a loss exceeding $7 million. We have processed refunds for affected parties, ensuring a recovery of nearly 50% for those impacted.

Given these challenges, the vision for Tempus as a product studio is now deprecated. The product development related to Raft will be postponed until an envisaged re-launch in 2024 with better market conditions. As things currently stand, the TEMP token serves no material purpose other than to receive NOS. As a result, we propose to take some further steps.


  • Deprecation of TEMP: We propose to remove all TEMP liquidity and transfer all funds in the Tempus Treasury to the Nostra Treasury.

  • Revised NOS Allocation: We propose a revised NOS allocation scheme for TEMP holders. Instead of the previously voted upon 1 TEMP to 0.6 NOS ratio, legacy TEMP holders will receive NOS tokens on a 1:1 basis, subject to vesting. The team and investors will receive tokens on the same basis. The latest funding round for NOS was at $50m FDV earlier this year.

  • Launch and Vesting of NOS: NOS is slated to launch in Q1 2024. Legacy TEMP holders will receive locked NOS pre-launch. The vesting for NOS tokens will be determined by the team, aligning with the project’s long-term goals and market conditions. Important: The vesting period is currently envisaged at 2 years with a 6 month cliff. In any case, the vesting schedule for those allocated NOS under this proposal will be equally advantageous to the Nostra team and investors.

Discussion and Voting Process

  • Discussion Period: There will be a 7-day discussion period for the TEMP community to deliberate on this proposal, ask questions, and share insights. This period is crucial for ensuring community understanding and input.

  • Voting on Snapshot: Following the discussion period, voting will be conducted on Snapshot. This is an opportunity for TEMP holders to formally express their stance on the proposed strategic transition.

Action Items Post-Vote

  • Treasury Transfer: Upon the successful passing of this vote, Treasury-owned liquidity for TEMP will be removed, and the funds currently in the Tempus Treasury will be reallocated to the Nostra Treasury.

  • Snapshot: Subsequently, a snapshot of TEMP holders will be taken. This includes those who are staking TEMP or providing liquidity.

  • NOS Launch: Once Nostra is launched, instructions will be provided to legacy TEMP holders to claim their NOS from the NOS vesting contract.

  • Communication: Continuous updates and detailed instructions will be provided to the community throughout the implementation phase.


This proposal represents a pivotal moment for our community. The transition from TEMP to NOS, coupled with a focused effort on Nostra, aligns with our revised strategy post-Raft exploit. We believe this shift is critical for the long-term success and sustainability of our ecosystem. We encourage all TEMP holders to actively participate in the discussion and voting process. This thread will remain open for a period of 7 days, following which it will be moved to Snapshot vote.

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I am absolutely opposed to this proposal.

It seems much more advantageous to get $Nos in the way of receiving $Raft.

For now, Tempstaking is 1:0.6 but I can get $Raft more than that because of the multiplier*. And even though it’s small in the beginning, I can immediately get tokens.

  • This allows us to receive a token of 1:1 or higher

But According to this proposal(‘2 years with a 6 month cliff’ and ‘1:1 basis’) We can’t get tokens right away and we can’t get more tokens because we only get tokens 1:1.

The failure of the raft has made it hard for us all. But I don’t know if Temp has to make all the sacrifices.

Therefore, according to the original plan, $Nos also has to be compensated like the $Raft by Temp Staking.

So If this proposal is accepted, what will happen to the current temp staking for Raft?

I appreciate how you guys are managing the whole situation at hand.

I have also read the proposal and believe the treasury-owned liquidity for temp has been removed as of this write-up.

It will be of good essence if the team can forum-post WIP with a timeline for when TEMP-NOS 1:1 becomes claimable for the legacy TEMO holders.

What do you plan to do with NFTs holders https://opensea.io/collection/sers/