How to claim NSTR on Ethereum

Note: Legacy TEMP holders will receive NSTR tokens on a 10:1 basis; that is, for every 10 TEMP, 1 NSTR will be granted. This in proportion to the total token supply (NSTR = 100m vs. TEMP 1b)

On 17 June 2024, all TEMP holders and investors can now claim their NSTR by following the steps below:


Fund Your Wallet

Make sure you have enough ETH in your wallet to pay for gas. You will need it to pay for the gas fee to claim your NSTR on the Ethereum mainnet.

Claim Your NSTR

Once you have some ETH in your wallet, it’s time to claim your NSTR.

Retrieve the metadata for the Merkle proof by visiting the URL below and searching for your wallet address.

Your metadata for the Merkle proof should look something like this:



Now, go to MerkleDistributorWithDeadline | Address 0x6065A255574Cfe3970AA5cF6209587830FF82B7d | Etherscan

On Etherscan, select Contract and then click on Write Contract.

Click **Connect to Web3** and connect your preferred wallet (e.g. MetaMask).

Click Claim and fill in the metadata you found above. Remove all the quotes (") from the merkleProof field.


In the example above, the fields would be:

Index: 1 (from metadata)

Account: 0x00000047bB99ea4D791bb749D970DE71EE0b1A34 (your wallet)

Amount: 0x014ced99e5419f0000 (from metadata)

merkleProof: (from metadata)


Click Write and submit the transaction. Once the transaction is completed, the NSTR will be in your wallet.

The claiming period ends on 17 December 2024.

Please open a ticket on the Nostra Discord Server if you have any questions.

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The full distribution list can be found here:

Instructions to claim NSTR (Ethereum Mainnet) can be found here: How to claim NSTR on Ethereum | English | Nostra