Tempus - Governance Process

This document is a suggested process for developing and advancing Tempus Protocol proposals. It is a live document intended to be owned, modified, and enforced by the Tempus community.


There are two governance venues available, each serving its own particular purpose.

1. Tempus Forum

Tempus Forum is a Discourse forum for Tempus governance related discussions. Community members must register for an account in order to be able to participate. You can also login using GitHub, Twitter, and Discord.

2. Snapshot

Snapshot is a voting interface that allows users to signal their sentiment in respect of a particular proposal off-chain. Votes on Snapshot are weighted by the number of TEMP delegated to the address used to vote.

Do note that you are welcome to discuss Tempus governance proposals on the Tempus Discord in the #governance channel before submitting them on the forum.

Please see below a draft of the Tempus governance process, detailing how we envisage the governance process to work. These processes are subject to change depending on feedback from the Tempus community.

Phase 1: Temperature Check - Tempus Forum

The purpose of the Temperature Check is to determine if there is sufficient support within the Tempus community to make a change.

To create a Temperature Check:

  1. Make a proposal in the Proposals category about a potential change using an appropriate title (for example “[IDEAS] Should the Tempus Treasury deposit X TEMP into Y?” or “[PROPOSAL] Create a Tempus Ecosystem Fund”).

  2. In the body of the proposal, provide more details about the potential change. Include any information that you think might be helpful for the rest of the Tempus community to know in considering your proposal.

  3. Using the cog icon, select ‘Build a Poll’ followed by ‘Multiple Choice’. You should then add 2 appropriately worded options to the poll, depending on how your proposed change is worded (e.g. you might use ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ or ‘In Favour’ and ‘Against’).

You’re done! You’ve just started the process of gaining support for a proposal. There will then be a minimum 5 day window in which other community members can vote on the proposal.

If the Temperature Check suggests the community is not in favour of your proposal, your topic will be closed. If however the Temperature Check indicates that there is support for your proposal, then proceed to Phase 2: Voting - Snapshot.

Following the Temperature Check, all proposals will be moved either to the ‘Protocol Fees’ or ‘Tempus Treasury’ subcategories (depending on what the proposal relates to).

Phase 2: Voting - Snapshot

Following a successful Temperature Check, each proposal should proceed to a Vote. This is a more formal way of TEMP holders voting in favour or against a particular proposal.

To create a Vote:

  1. Use feedback from the Temperature Check to create a new Snapshot poll with the same title as the Temperature Check and appropriately worded options (e.g. as above, you might use ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ or ‘In Favour’ and ‘Against’).

  2. Include a link to your Temperature Check thread in the Vote. Any Votes posted that haven’t gone through a Temperature Check first will be removed by our moderators.

  3. Ensure ‘Single Choice Voting’ is selected in the Actions menu. Select the ‘Start Date’ as the date you are submitting the proposal and the ‘End Date’ as the date 3 to 5 days from the Start Date.

  4. Click ‘Publish’.

  5. Engage in discussions with the Tempus community to foster support for your proposal. You should also be willing to respond to questions on your proposal. Share your view point, but try to remain as impartial as possible.

At the end of the 3 to 5 day period, whichever option has the majority of votes on the proposal wins. The person who initiated the vote (or Tempus Labs, if relevant) will then begin work on implementing any accepted proposals. The required changes in the codebase must be audited (if relevant) and submitted to the Tempus Labs team.

Tempus fully intends to become a fully decentralized protocol in due course. We believe that this soft governance approach is a crucial first step in pursuing that objective.

Finally, please note that in accordance with the TEMP tokenomics, 250,000,000 TEMP tokens are allocated to the Tempus Treasury for liquidity incentives and may be used by the Tempus Treasury for such purposes without specific governance approval. However, we do of course welcome open discussion around things such as the form of liquidity mining.

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