Tempus DAO: The Road Ahead

GM everyone! :wave:

We recently posted about the decentralization of Tempus and the road ahead. Within, we mentioned that we are widening the scope of Tempus DAO beyond fixed income.

There are a few drivers behind this:

  • In our eyes, we have built one of the best fixed-income products in the market and are proud to have it live and the great new upgrades that are in progress.
  • The DeFi yield environment has been dampened by the lack of demand for leverage which drives a good amount of yields, and we think this might be the case for a while.
  • We believe that broadening the scope of what and where we build will allow us to solve larger problems and deliver more considerable value to the crypto ecosystem.
  • And by delivering more considerable value to users, we expect that value to be accrued over time.

We believe that there is currently an excellent opportunity to build within the StarkNet ecosystem. Starkware and ZK-Proofs have a very exciting journey ahead, and we bet that StarkNet will be one of the most thriving Ethereum L2 ecosystems around.

StarkNet is currently in Alpha, so it is still very early. Still, we believe that being part of the ecosystem’s growth and building core pieces of DeFi rails and infrastructure will put the Tempus DAO in a great position to benefit from its growth potential.

The Tempus DAO is a community of builders, creators and connectors. We encourage as much participation from the community as possible as we seek to execute this vision.

We’d like to hear from you!

What do you think about the road ahead for Tempus DAO?

Do you see any opportunities that would be worth pursuing?