Scaling Tempus via an Ecosystem Fund

One of the crucial steps for scaling Tempus as it transitions into the protocol stage is to establish an Ecosystem Fund (probably set up as a sub-DAO).

I envisage the function of this Ecosystem Fund to be:

  • provide grants for teams building on top of Tempus (Vault products, integrations, leveraged fixed rates, increase use cases of Tempus Capitals and Yields),
  • run affiliate programs to increase TVL & general usage of Tempus,
  • advertise and promote Tempus as a product,
  • improve the level of documentation for Tempus.

Tempus has previously received grants from the Lido Ecosystem Grants Organization (LEGO) and Balancer Grants DAO, so we’ve seen a few approaches out there.

There are many open questions before we can put this to a vote, but this topic is to have a general discussion about what you guys want to see here.


I wanted to resurrect this thread - ideas welcome! With the new Fantom Yearn integration, there will be lots of new opportunities to build on top of Tempus so it’s a great time to start discussing this.

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This is one of the greatest ways of collaborating in DeFi. We had a really strong relationship with two teams that we got grants from. It would be great to see some teams building on top of Tempus.

I would say this would be a great chance for developers building landing or staking protocols to implement fixed-rate landing/staking on top of their protocol using Tempus.
Also, there might be a big chance for teams building frontends for fixed-rate landing or staking. They could build a really simple app that uses only this feature of TempusPools.

There are so many opportunities, and I think we should definitely reserve some of the funds from the treasury for this purpose.

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Absolutely agree with necessity of Ecosystem Fund. I don’t have so much experience in this but I like how balancer grants system works.

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Not only that, but it’s also a great way for Tempus to give back to the community through support, funding and advisory, the same way it was done for Tempus at the beginning :slight_smile:

A formal proposal has now been established on this - please see the following thread for further details and more information on how Tempus community members can get involved: [PROPOSAL] Establish a Tempus Grants Committee.