[PROPOSAL] Establish Idea Committee

So since it’s been a while since Grants Committee has been established and as it seems, people are not taking the initiative to post their ideas, I think it would be a good move for the team to take the initiative and establish a committee that’s going to take the lead.

How would this work?

Idea Committee would have a job to collaborate with the Community,Team & Grants Committee in order to find the ideas to build on top of Tempus as well as agree on the funding allocation and terms.

Those ideas would then be presented to the community, which would have an option to apply to start working on them and receive funding based on the level of contribution and agreed milestones.

The team which applies to work on that specific idea, would need to be approved by Grants Committee and would later down the road, next to funding, receive Team’s advisory support as well as Marketing Exposure.

In this way, we’d not only potentially expand the Tempus Ecosystem, but also engage with the Community on a much higher level and ,equip’’ them with the right tools to succeed. Their success becomes Tempus success.

People would still have the freedom to apply with their own ideas to the Grants Committee, of course, but the Idea Committee would only be there to serve those who are great at what they do, but simply don’t know where to start with or perhaps can’t find the right team for it.

I would also suggest, that one of the jobs behind Idea Committee is to organize (at least once a week) a Co-Founder matchmaking where people from Tempus Community would get a chance to meet people who’ve shown interest for the specific idea proposed by the Idea Committee and potentially start working on it together.

The community would also be able to propose to specific ideas to the Idea Committee and in case their ideas get accepted and presented to the community, they would either become a founding member or simply get rewarded to their idea contribution - based on their preference.

I’d love to hear your opinion on this - this is just the initial draft behind the whole thing so I’m sure there’s plenty of potential to explore so I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments :slight_smile:

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My opinion is that it is much harder to find teams developing ideas, and this should be solved by being present at hackathons, and organize them. This is the best way to source great teams in the industry.

We have many ideas for things to build on top of Tempus, and the easiest ones are already part of the Grants program.

I do not see a clear benefit of the Idea Committee…

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Look at it this way, a lot of people are not comfortable exiting their comfort zone due to the possibility of failure… With this, we change that… Not only do we present the ideas to the community, but also back them with the funding, advisory, contacts and all the tools they need for the success… and all you need to do is take the leap :slight_smile:

It not only creates a whole lot of opportunities for the Tempus community, but it also gives a chance for Tempus Ecosystem to grow alongside them, which again, turns their success into Tempus success and Idea Committee is just there to guide them towards the right direction :slight_smile: