[PROPOSAL] Establish a Tempus Grants Committee

GM Sers.

I would like to propose the establishment of a Tempus Grants Committee, which would in turn provide an ecosystem fund.

One of the key steps for scaling Tempus as it evolves is to establish an ecosystem fund. The main function of the fund would be to provide grants to:

  • build on top of Tempus (Vault products, integrations, leveraged fixed rates etc.)
  • run affiliate programs to increase TVL and the general usage of Tempus
  • advertise and promote Tempus as a product
  • improve the level of documentation for Tempus

Why does this matter?

  • providing grants will encourage more users to build on top of Tempus protocol as well as increase overall awareness of Tempus
  • in turn, this will bring increased use cases of Tempus Capital and Yield Tokens and more users of the DeFi ecosystem as a whole
  • the more use cases that can be established for the Tempus protocol and the more users that are brought to Tempus ecosystem, the better the outcomes will be for the long-term sustainability of Tempus


I would propose that the Tempus Treasury initially fund the Tempus Grants Committee with 5,000,000 TEMP. We could also increase this further down the line as the Tempus ecosystem evolves, subject to further governance proposals.

Who would be part of the Tempus Grants Committee?

The Tempus Grants Committee would initially be made up of the following individuals from the Tempus Labs team:

I would also propose to welcome applications from external members of the Tempus community - please reply to this thread if you are interested in joining the Committee. In your reply, please introduce yourself, provide details about your experience in the DeFi world to date, and motivation for being part of the Tempus Grants Committee.


I would propose that the Tempus Grants Committee be re-elected every 12 months, subject to a governance proposal on who should form part of the Committee.


Of course, the Tempus Grants Committee should be remunerated for their time involved in advancing the Tempus ecosystem. I would propose that each Commitee member receive 50,000 TEMP tokens per year (on a pro rata basis) from the Tempus Treasury for their time and effort.

Next steps

This proposal will be left open for the community to discuss until 3.00pm UTC on Monday 7 February. Please indicate using the poll below if you are in favour of this proposal.

If there is support for this proposal, Tempus Labs will launch a Snapshot vote at 5.00pm UTC on Monday 7 February for approval.

Should we establish a Tempus Grants Committee?

  • Yes
  • No

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I’m in favor. I think grants should be payable in tranches according to milestones to ensure that the work is delivered. At this stage of the project I wouldn’t want to see projects being fully funded with TEMP from the start only to be immediately sold for operating costs, with no guarantee of delivering.

I’d be willing to serve on the committee, if the community desires it:

I am Corey Soreff, the executive director of the Tezos Commons Foundation. I have been deeply involved in most areas of the Tezos ecosystem over the years, and we also operate grant platforms that I oversee.

I’m also an engineer myself with experience in smart contracts, blockchain integrations, web development, infrastructure, and more…so I can review potential grantees and projects with a technical understanding of what they aim to do. I have been with a top protocol from the start and have experience in most issues that a project might face, and I also serve as advisor to several other big projects.

Either way, I support this idea provided the tokens are distributed in a calculated manner.


I agree. It’s a great way to expand and develop the Ecosystem as well as further promote Tempus. Grants should definitely be vested in order to reduce both risk and $TEMP price.

My name is Miloš Rakčević, I was one of the people who built the biggest Balkan region’s Crypto Community ( Belgrade Crypto ) and educated and promoted Crypto adoption. For 2 years, I ran my own project with a goal of empowering people around the globe with great ideas, but no access to capital to execute them.

My expertise are: Business Development, Marketing, Partnerships, PR, Ecosystem Development, Community Building & Management, Tokenomics, Analytics, Investor Relationships, Risk Management, Deal Structure & Negotiations.

I’d be more than glad to bring on board my knowledge and expertise within the Crypto start-up scene in order to reduce risk and secure funding for the most amazing buiDlers out there, by assessing their ability to execute, the value they would bring on board to Ecosystem and managing the value/risk ratio.

I would be honored to serve Tempus and more importantly, Tempus community and act in it’s best interests. I see this as an opportunity to engage more with the community and I hope we’ll get a chance to organize community weekly calls where we would discuss all the Grants decisions and insights, as well as include community into decision making.


Thank you for the proposal, I’m in favor. I agree with @csoreff and that grants should be paid out in tranches with regards to certain milestones.

I’d be also very happy to serve the grants committee, if the community thinks I can provide value.

My name is Claude Donzé, I’m an investor at Tomahawk.VC. We’ve been a pre-seed investor in Tempus and have worked together with David, Đorđe and the team since June 2020. Where can I provide value?

  • Deeply involved in the DeFi ecosystem since late 2019
  • Personal background in traditional finance (structured products)
  • Close collaboration with grant committees in other ecosystems (e.g. DFINITY foundation)
  • My day job as an investor is to talk to early teams and to validate early ideas
  • Large network of other founders, investors, market makers other key players in the DeFi ecosystem

As investors in Tempus, we are fully aligned in bringing more people into the Tempus ecosystem and building their products on top of Tempus. If anyone would like to contact me or has questions, you can reach me on twitter at https://twitter.com/claudedonze


I agree with the above. As a part of the LEGO DAO (Lido) and some others I can see a great benefit in the program mentioned above but also based on milestones.

I am Edi Sinovčić, CEO of Shard Labs, R&D venture studio, ex Ethereum Foundation, Solidity team. Now leading chain agnostic team that works on a multiple stuff, all from running validators (POS) in production, to building DeFi products like Lido liquid staking of Matic on Polygon.

As someone with the development background who has moved to the management roles I can contribute with all sorts of expertises, from technical validation of collaborations to business and strategic stuff for the commitee.

I would be honored to become one of the members of the commitee and help boost collaborations with other parties through it.


Thanks all for your helpful thoughts.

As the initial indication is that the Tempus community is in favour of this proposal, it has now been moved to a Snapshot vote. Voting will remain open until 12.00pm (midday) UTC on Friday 11 February.

If this proposal is voted ‘Yes’, a second Snapshot vote will be run to elect the Tempus Grants Committee. Applications will remain open in this thread until voting closes on the above proposal.


This proposal has passed governance, with 100% of voters in favour of the proposal. Applications to be part of the Tempus Grants Committee have now closed. A second Snapshot vote to elect the Tempus Grants Committee will be run in due course - stay tuned and thanks all for your input to date!


Gm all.

As promised last week, a second Snapshot vote has now been launched to elect the Tempus Grants Committee. Voting is now live and will remain open until 11.00am UTC on Friday 18 February.

Voting has now closed on this proposal.

Congratulations to the Tempus Labs team (Pujeet, Richard, Cristiano), Corey Soreff and Claude Donzé on being elected!

More info coming soon.

Now this proposal has passed, I am closing this thread.

You are however welcome to continue discussing the Tempus Grants Committee in the general chat section!

Hey everyone!

We have now officially launched the Tempus Grants Program! :partying_face:

If you want to find out how you can contribute, please check out our newly launched Grants page.

Please check out our Medium post to find out more!

It’s time to #BUIDL :rocket: