[Proposal] Consolidate Assets to Incentivize the New R/DAI Stableswap Pool

Hello fellow TEMP holders.

I propose the following governance action in order to optimize the use of our assets and support the upcoming launch of Raft and its stablecoin, R. Please find the details below.

Proposal Summary:

  • Withdraw stETH from Tempus fixed income app
  • Withdraw profits from Uniswap v3 TEMP/USDC pool
  • Use proceeds from the two withdrawals, for the benefit of Raft
  • Specifically, we will bribe gauges on Aura with these proceeds (approx. $600k over a 6 month period) to incentivize the new R/DAI Stableswap pool


  • The Tempus fixed income app has been deprecated, and the liquidity within it is not being utilized efficiently
  • The fees generated in the Uniswap v3 pool are not being used optimally
  • Tempus governance-owned funds can support the liquidity of R upon the launch of Raft, which can easily bootstrap the adoption for R in the initial phases
  • As a reminder, in accordance with the following proposal: Snapshot, TEMP holders will receive RAFT tokens once they become available. Therefore, this proposal is beneficial to TEMP token holders

About Raft:

Raft is a new product being developed by Tempus DAO. It is an immutable, decentralized lending protocol that allows users to take out stablecoin loans against capital-efficient collateral. Raft’s stablecoin is called R. You can learn more about Raft on its website: raft.fi


A discussion period of 7 days will take place, followed by a Snapshot vote immediately after.

I invite all TEMP holders to share their thoughts on this proposal and engage in a constructive discussion. Your opinions and feedback are valuable for the growth of Tempus DAO and the success of Raft.

Best regards



I am a fan of this and will vote in favour.

The one question I would pose would be whether it would be sensible to keep some ETH from the Tempus fixed income app to put into RAI as its mechanisms incentivise buying/selling at certain points (similar to arbitrage). This would then result in perhaps, lets say, only 95% of the intended funds supporting Raft immediately but would allow a ‘drip feed’ thereafter which in total, should amount to more than the fixed income app holdings.

I am completely in favour of this proposal.

Since TEMP holders will receive some RAFT once launched in accordance with the governance proposal, it is a no brainer to build deep liquidity for R, acquire more users as a result.

I expect the funds spent here to trickle down to the RAFT and TEMP token price with a great ROI.


I support this proposal. :100:

This will help in the efficient allocation of all idle resources to give a better ROI to all TEMP holders


Linked Snapshot talking about Nostra, not Raft. There wasn’t any proposal regarding Raft. Also what roi?

Need clarification about RAFT tokens. As it stands i’m strongly against: you are taking funds from TEMP to R (stable) - there is better use of it (for Temp benefits)

I support this proposal. This seems like the best use of capital for TEMP holders and an effective Raft bootstrapping mechanism

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I completely support this proposal. It is best for TEMP holders to support the new product, as they will get RAFT automatically.

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I support this proposal, as the successful launch of Raft will ultimately accrue value to TEMP holders.

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I support this proposal because it’s an effective way to bootstrap an exciting new product part of the growing Tempus product line, while also noting that TEMP holders will receive some RAFT tokens in the future.


It is great to see the team continue to evolve and become even more responsive to the needs of the community and investors. The proposal is well-crafted and has the potential to benefit all stakeholders involved.

I would also like to congratulate the entire Tempus team and the investors for launching such innovative products and services. Your dedication is truly commendable.

As a member of the community, I look forward to the launch of Raft and am excited to contribute to the growth and development of the Tempus ecosystem. Please let me know how I can contribute to the growth of the platform and support your efforts in any way possible.

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I’ll vote in favor of this proposal to bootstrap Raft

I will vote in favour of this proposal also - I think it’s the best way forward.

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In the proposal and snapshot we said that TEMP holders would accrue value from all future products built by the Tempus Labs team. This includes Raft so TEMP holders will get some RAFT tokens on the same basis in the future.


Exactly: we will get a few tokens with vesting for several years, we will not get any benefits from this proposal.

This is so nice and interesting

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