Nostra - what impact will this have on TEMP holders?

Hi guys, I am a long term holder of TEMP since the LBP. I noticed the Tempus Labs team recently launched the Nostra protocol on StarkNet. Looks like a very exciting project but I am just wondering what impact this will have on the TEMP token and TEMP holders? Will any value generated by Nostra be delivered back to TEMP holders?

I am looking forward to hear your response.


GM @unclephil - thanks for dropping in. I have been anticipating this sort of concern since we launched Nostra and appreciate you kicking off this discussion. I would be keen to hear from other TEMP holders what they think about how the Tempus Labs team could generate value to TEMP holders re the launch of Nostra on StarkNet.


GM @unclephil
Thanks for raising this really important question. In my opinion, the best option is that Nostra has its own token. I can’t see the money market working without a native token.
In that case, I think TEMP stakers should get rewards in the Nostra tokens. Would be great if these rewards are significant. Probably makes sense to run the such program for 2 years.

A big open question, in this case, is what to do with unvested TEMP tokens?

If we find a solution to this, probably we can do the same thing for all other future products made by Tempus Labs.

I have a few more ideas, but also would be very happy to hear more from other TEMP holders.

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Thank you for raising the point @unclephil as you may be aware, we repositioned Tempus to go from a single product-focused team to a team focused on building multiple products.

There were a few reasons for this:

  1. As a team, we are on a mission to increase the world’s adoption of DeFi
  2. The prospects of fixed yields are huge, but we’re still early
  3. We built such a strong team we felt increasing the scope of what we can build would allow us to achieve our ultimate goal

As an analogy, I liken this to Apple, which has built multiple products to serve the same and many different customers.

The intention is that any value that is created by the new products we build will be accrued by TEMP holders, and this can be done in many ways.

We as a team are fully aligned to ensure existing, and future TEMP holders can participate in the value we create with our products.

Nostra will be native to StarkNet and will be decentralized as its own going concern, however, TEMP holders will have some claim to Nostra as it has been developed by Tempus.

we welcome specific proposals from the community about how this would look in practice in the context of both Nostra and future Tempus projects.

Hi there, just adding to the previous replies here. We are actively discussing this issue internally and we’ll reply here with a specific proposal that can be discussed & voted upon, as soon as we can.