Monthly Newsletter (March 2022)

[Article originally posted on Medium on 5 April 2022 - figures quoted may now be out of date]


March saw continued growth at Tempus in numerous ways. The team has now grown to a solid 20 members and we’re still recruiting! With new Sers joining the community, we will be publishing educational content to educate users about DeFi, yield farming, and the differences and similarities between TradFi and DeFi. Our Tempus Takes blogs examine the current market conditions and their impact on the interest rates in the traditional world and in DeFi. Tempus’ Treasury Management Solution is now live and we would be happy to assist DAOs and other protocols in managing their treasury assets. We can ensure you earn a fixed yield, making it easier to manage your cashflows each month.

As Tempus’ TVL continues to rise and as we pursue more integrations, we’re going in one direction — #UpOnly!

:handshake: Integration Updates

:memo: DeFi Treasury Management Solution

Most DAOs have a diversified treasury of various digital assets, including stablecoins. These treasuries have various needs, such as paying the DAO’s contributors, managing assets (including NFTs) collectively, and paying for operations and other fixed costs incurred in the running of the DAO. DAOs require regular cashflows to ensure their future sustainability. Tempus’ Treasury Management Solution can help protect DAOs from the risk of fluctuating interest rates — we can provide you with a guaranteed fixed yield.

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:chains: Tempus adds USDC and DAI pools on Ethereum

In addition to the existing stETH pool, you can now deposit your USDC and DAI to fix your yields on two new Yearn pools available on Tempus:

Go to Tempus and fix your yield now!

Read more: Yearn pools for USDC and DAI are now live! | by Pujeet Manot | tempus | Medium

:lock_with_ink_pen: Stake $TEMP on Bancor

A funding proposal to fund the $TEMP/$BNT pool on Bancor with $750k $TEMP using Treasury funds was rejected on Tempus’ Snapshot. However, $TEMP trading liquidity was increased from 100k $BNT to 500k $BNT on Bancor. $TEMP holders can stake their $TEMP in the single-sided staking pools on Bancor to earn rewards from their single-sided exposure in the liquidity pool, with 100% impermanent loss protection.

Read more: TEMP Single-Sided Staking Now Live on Bancor

Stake now: Add Liquidity Single-Sided

:closed_book: Resources

:people_holding_hands: Tempus Grants Program

The Tempus Grants Program is now live with an initial ecosystem fund of 5,000,000 $TEMP tokens. Anyone who supports Tempus by building on top of Tempus, running affiliate programs, creating content or anything that creates a positive impact on the ecosystem can apply for a grant! :building_construction:

One example is our RFI-2: Dune Analytics Dashboard — this is in progress, while applications for other RFIs are under review. We will get back to you as soon as possible!

Submit an idea or a project here:

For more information, read below:

↔️ Trading $TEMP

Users can trade $TEMP on the Ethereum network on Uniswap V3, Bancor Network and Balancer V2.

Users can also use SpookySwap to trade $TEMP on the Fantom network.

:man_dancing: Meet & Greet

In March, we attended:

Next stop — ETHAmsterdam! Stay tuned for more updates.

:thinking: How you can get involved

We’re on the lookout for smart marketers! You can check out our current job vacancies here.

If you have an idea that could add value to the Tempus ecosystem or if you want to be a part time contributor then please drop in to our Discord or complete the grants application form.

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