Monthly Newsletter (February 2022)


February saw a huge growth in Tempus’ userbase as we integrated with Yearn on the Fantom network. This led to an increase in the trading volume on DEXes. We have also shared tons of resources (more on the way) to explain to users how exactly Tempus works.

First, we are happy to share that the TVL on Tempus has surpassed $14mm and with more pools and integrations in the works, we are sure this will only go UP!!!

:handshake:Integration Updates

:rocket: Tempus Launches on Fantom

Tempus launches its first integration on Fantom with Yearn. You can now get a guaranteed high fixed yield on USDC, DAI, USDT, WETH and YFI.

Go to Tempus on Fantom network and fix your yield now!

:chains: Bridging $TEMP Between Ethereum and Fantom

Traders can now bridge $TEMP tokens between Ethereum and Fantom chains to trade on different DEXes.

Bridge Now: Multichain Router

:lock_with_ink_pen: Stake $TEMP on Bancor

All $TEMP holders can now stake their $TEMP in the single-sided staking pools on Bancor to earn rewards from their single-sided exposure in the liquidity pool, with 100% impermanent loss protection.

Read more: TEMP Single-Sided Staking Now Live on Bancor

Stake now: Add Liquidity Single-Sided

:closed_book: Resources

Everything you need to know about Tempus and its use cases, developer documentation, user guides, tokenomics, etc. can be found in our updated documentation!

Read the Deep Dive Blog on Tempus Economics to get a detailed understanding of Capital and Yield tokens, TempusAMM, and strategies that can be deployed on Tempus.

For a simplified understanding of how Tempus helps protect users from falling (volatile) APR, read this thread.

DexGuru Talk show with David, Founder of Tempus.

:people_holding_hands: Tempus Grants Committee

A proposal to establish a Tempus Grants Committee was proposed in February, followed by a Snapshot vote to elect the members of the committee.

More information on Tempus Grants will be available soon!


:raised_hands: Your Funds are SAFU on Tempus

Tempus has partnered with Sherlock for smart contract exploit protection. This partnership provides $10mm protocol-level exploit coverage on all pools on the Ethereum network.

We are also happy to share that there were no critical issues found in Sherlock’s vulnerability assessment of our smart contracts. Read more here.

Trading $TEMP

Users can trade $TEMP on the Ethereum network on Uniswap V3, Bancor Network and Balancer V2.

Users can also use SpookySwap to trade $TEMP on the Fantom network.

How you can get involved…

As mentioned in our previous newsletters, we are still in the process of hiring for a variety of Operations and Marketing roles. You can check out our current openings here.

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