Discord Server Moderation

I would like to invite the community to share their impressions on how Tempus Labs can improve community management and moderation in our Discord and Telegram servers. Any positive or negative thoughts welcome!

I am from the Russian community on Discord and can offer my help in translating announcements for the community, as well as moderating the chat and maintaining chat communication.

The objective choice of the moderator will be, according to the activity in the discord. the team can easily see the top 3 active users and offer them moderation on any terms if the users want it.

Derek did interesting tests, with TEMP winnings, it was interesting. But it was knowledge of geography, it would be interesting to participate in such tests in the direction of the crypto :grinning:

As you said earlier, is there any further interaction of the project with the most active ambassadors? Is it possible to interact on an ongoing basis?

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Yes!! I can’t wait for more missions! Tempus is just getting started l!!